Established in New York in 1992, Creative Data Resources provides IT Consulting, Project Based, and Permanent staffing solutions. Our Recruiting Staff specializes in working passive recruiting channels to deliver IT and Business professionals with specific domain expertise from diversified sectors such as: Financial Services, Insurance, Media, Digital, Mobile, Gaming, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Vendor Software Solutions Providers, and the Business Services Industry.

Expert Staffing Solutions
Creative Data Resources provides an unparalleled level of service and expertise to our clients by bringing talented people and great organizations together. Our strategic tactical solutions are integral to forming successful partnerships.

Client Solutions: Commitment to excellence; when you succeed, we succeed!
At Creative Data Resources, our personalized approach and record of success leads employers to rely on us repeatedly to provide access to the most highly qualified and best matched candidates. We look beyond the provided skill set and evaluate each applicant on a deeper level to ensure our clients hire the right person for the right job.   Although we leverage the web as a valuable resource, most of our candidates are selected through referrals and networking. Our networking resources target candidates who have excellent credentials both professionally and academically, a proven record of achievements, and open to exploring new career opportunities.

Our focused Recruiting Teams are dedicated to providing premier recruitment services to our clients. Their achievements and performance is measured by providing our clients with access to critical talent; reducing the time factor in filling vacancies; freeing-up client companies’ resources to concentrate on their primary business; ensuring that compensation stays at fair market level; enabling a smooth and satisfying negotiation process; increasing staff stability by screening and finding candidates with goals, needs and preferences consistent with our company's culture. We are committed to excellence.